Shoes are a girl’s best friend! The Carrie Bradshaw in you can confirm that all women love a great pair of shoes

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 After all, a great pair of shoes can make you confident when no one else can.  So why choose anything but the best for your wedding day. You want to feel and look your best on your wedding. Comfort and confidence goes a long way in achieving that. So pick your bridal shoe from our favourites for 2019. And remember that you choose them, not the other way around. 


We have some awesome ideas for you on the types of footwear that you can wear on your wedding day!



Wedding is the day when the bride has the urge to look bang-on with the attires which are jaw-dropping, sparkling accessories and footwear, which is just kickass. Every bride has her own choices on what to wear, what type to wear, what colour to wear and that leads to considerable confusion. 


So, for helping you with your confusion, here we present you with a long gallery of footwear that you can wear for your wedding and be called as the sassiest bride out there.


Also, don’t forget to save the ideas which caught your attention just in a second! 


1. Bridal Sneakers


1. Golden sneakers with LED lights attached in the sole



2. White sneakers with floral lacework



3. White sneakers with red borderline and white chiffon laces along with artificial floral attachments


4. Combination of red, yellow, dark pink, turquoise colour sneakers along with golden designs


5. White Sneakers with maroon bow and laces


6. Red sneakers with golden laces and floral painting


7. White sneakers with ‘just married’ written on it and red chiffon laces



8. White sneakers with yellow chiffon laces and pearls scattered around the body, along with artificial flowers on the sides


9. White sneakers with black polka dot bow attached on it


10. White sneakers with floral motifs attached all around 


11. White sneakers with golden floral embroidery and thick pink sole



12. White bridal sneakers with pink laces and ‘just married’ painted on the body



13. Peach-white sneakers with wedding date written on it 



14. Shimmery white sneakers with off-white laces



15. White bridal sneakers with golden work stitched on it 



16. White Sneakers with a peach bow attached in the front



17. White sneakers for him & her with bridegroom’s name on it along with ‘just married’



18. White bridal sneakers with white lacework stitched in the front and contrasting maroon laces



19. White sneakers with blue laces and bow



20. Shimmery golden sneakers with off-white laces



21. White glittery sneakers



22. Pearl studded white bridal sneakers with white laces



23. Cute panda white sneakers with wedding date written on it



24. White bridal sneakers with bride and groom figures drawn on it



25. Bridesmaid White sneakers with silver bow and laces



26. White bridal sneakers with a pink artificial rose attached on the side and purple laces



27. White sneakers with bride’s and groom’s initial letters written on it



28. Converse sneakers with white floral lace stitched to it with diamond work in the front


2. Bridal Ballerinas and Juttis 


1. Red bridal bellies with artificial flower attachment in front



2. Shimmery white bridal bellies with artificial flower attachment in the front



3. Beige bridal bellies with ‘Fataka Kudi’ studded on it 



4. Pink bridal bellies with ‘Pataka Dulhan’ studded on it



5. Pink bridal juttis with bride-groom names written on it



6. Pink bridal juttis with ‘Cute Bride’ written on it



7. Yellow bridal juttis with floral embroidery in white



8. Yellow bridal bellies with ‘Patola Dulhan’ strap attached to it



9. Turquoise bridal bellies with groom’s name written on it


3. Bridal Stillettos 


1. Glittery bridal stilettos with floral attachments



2. Yellow stilettos with buckle and pearls



3. Pink Bridal Stillettos with ‘Pataka Dulhan’ written on it with tiny pearls border



4. Baby Pink Bridal Stillettos with circle motifs



5. White Bridal Stillettos with white lacework


4. Bridal Sliders


1. Red Bridal Sliders



2. Yellow bridal sliders with wedding date written on it



3. Golden bridal sliders with ‘Sohni Kudi’ written on it



4. Pink Bridal Sliders 


5. Bridal Sandals





6. Bridal One Toe Flats



Various brides with various choices, choose wisely. How many ideas did you save?


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