9 Latest Bridal Dresses For Your Mehndi Ceremony Which you will adore

Published by Manohar Singh

Latest Bridal Mehndi Dresses Which You Should Try


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The mehndi ritual is the most significant and one of the most awaited pre-wedding celebration. A lot of emphases is given on practices and customs and has these days become a way of creating inclusiveness in the family of the bride. On a day like this, every bride wants to look incredibly flawless for her wedding album as well as make memories on this occasion.

Traditionally, a bride dons a yellow or a green dress with fresh flowers. But as weddings have commercialised and old customs are not that strictly followed, to-be-brides also choose other colours for the day, which they look incredible in. Keeping in mind the traditional as well as the modern bride, we have picked out some fantastic styles that are in vogue this year, to make your mehndi outfit the one that stands out from the crowd.

We’ve been doing regular research on the loveliest outfits spotted on real brides as well as trendy fashion inspirations. Bringing you some mehndi dress inspiration ranging from dhoti pants to sarees to palazzos and lehengas, we’ve got you the best of the stunning outfits. So yes, it’s not only lehengas. 


1. Lehenga with a Slit


Bridal Mehndi Dresses, Bridal Mehndi Ideas, Lehenga with a Slit, Wedding Outfits, Bridal Outfits, Wedding Inspiration


Slits have been experimental on all length and kinds of skirts, so why not on your lehenga? If you aren’t afraid of flaunting your legs beautified with Mehendi, then this one is it. Looks fantastic on women who have slender legs and narrow waists. This kind of a lehenga is a great opportunity to display your pretty legs that you’ve been working on vigorously at the gym.


2. Semi Modern


Bridal Mehndi Dresses, Bridal Mehndi Ideas, Semi Modern, Wedding Outfits, Wedding Inspiration


Like to wear quirky? Try a mix and match of dhoti pants and kurta which and make you feel comfortable, stylish, and no less of a diva. You can also crop top with your lehenga if you are ready to experiment on something new and achieve the unique and uber look. These kind of styles are very much in these days, with many people opting for it because of its ease in wearing and also people’s choice with creating something that suits their unique personality.


3. Sharara Pants


Sharara Pants, Bridal Mehndi Ideas, Bridal Mehndi Dresses, Bridal Outfits, Wedding Inspiration, Wedding Outfits


Sharara can look chic on your mehndi ceremony as it gives the illusion of a lehenga and gives the liberty of movement because of their comfort. Teamed with kurta and dupatta, this revived style has the potential of bringing out the elegance and grace of a woman. 


4. Sherwani Kurtas


Sherwani Kurtas, Bridal Mehndi Dresses, Bridal Outfits, Mehndi Outfits, Wedding Inspiration, Wedding Outfits


Who said sherwanis are just for the boys? Sherwani kurta is a new trend and can seem marvellous when sleeveless. If you dare to wear, style it with a lehenga or 3/4th parallel pants to give you a lean posture. Be sure to sit politely to make heads turn. This is a less known as it is less styled because of its lack of availability in the market. Therefore, the only way to create this look is to get the kurta stitched from the tailor. Be sure to specify the fit you would like to have, which will be the critical factor in the amount of feminity you would like to add to the outfit for the perfect look.


5. Fitted Pants


Bridal Outfits, Bridal Mehndi Dresses, Fitted Pants, Wedding Outfits, Wedding Inspiration, Mehndi Outfits


Fitted Pants are apt for tall and slender women who aspire to look debonaire for the event. There is a wide variety of pants like, the three fourths straight pants you can wear or the ankle or slightly above the ankle-length pencil pants, which you can roll up while getting your Mehendi done. 


6. Cape Style Kurtis


Bridal Mehndi Dresses, Cape Style Kurtis, Bridal Mehndi Oufits, Mehndi Outfits, Wedding Inspiration, Wedding Outfits, Wedding Dresses


You could choose a beautifully embellished cape style kurta and pair with anything you are comfortable in, ranging from a skirt to pants. The combination can look stunning, and of course, the flowy part is always fanciful. It has been widely used by the ladies recently, for the kind of illusion of length it gives.


7. Zari Tops


Zari Tops, Best Bridal Outfits, Bridal Mehndi Dresses, Wedding Outfits, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Inspiration


Laces and pipings, along with zari work, are done entirely on the upper wear remain in fashion this year.  These tops are mostly teamed with less embroidered pyjamas or palazzo. Makes an excellent choice for somebody who loves intricate work and wants to stick to traditional.


8. Fishtail Skirts


Bridal Mehndi Outdits, Fishtail Skirts, Bridal Mehndi Dresses, Wedding Inspiration, Wedding Outfits, Wedding Dresses


Instead of the typical lehenga, designer Nishka Lulla selected a vibrant yellow skirt for her Mehendi that was fitted at the flared from the middle and downwards. The high-low silhouette made her look like a dream. Post her unique idea. Fishtail skirts have become a thing. 


9. Peplum Tops


Peplum Tops, Bridal Mehndi Outifits, Wedding Outfits, Bridal Mehndi Dresses, Wedding Wear, Wedding Outfits


An anonymous bride-to-be gave an entertaining twist to her Mehendi outfit by pairing a lehenga with a peplum top. Her outfit looks fabulous and stylish at the same time. Those little pom-poms attached to her head make the outfit even cuter. Her picture has been viral and one of the hottest trends that are followed for Indo western wedding wear.


10. White and Gold


Bridal Mehndi Outfits, Bridal Mehndi Dresses, White and Gold, Wedding Outfits, Bridal Outfits, Wedding Inspiration


Masaba Gupta went in the opposite direction of the traditional idea of a mehndi outfit and instead opted for a kurta and skirt set. The ideal combination of white and gold foil work brings out her beauty with rusticity, giving a soothing and a bare look. The outfit itself gives out vibrations of peace and serenity as is an excellent choice if you want to avoid the pomp and show of the big fat Indian wedding. 


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