Songs for brides: 25 New Age Bollywood Songs For Every Bride

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25 Handpicked amazing songs for Every Bride’s Ravishing Entry


Bollywood bridal entry songs


We believe that the bride’s entry should certainly be remarkable and noteworthy on her special-special day! After all, it is the bride who is the centre of everyone’s attention. Your search for Bridal entry ideas is over like every bride dreams of that perfect and Bollywood-style entry where just as she steps foot inside the hall everyone, and we mean everyone, from the groom to the guests turn their heads towards her and are left awe-struck and literally have goosebumps.


Now how do you make that possible? How do you transform this filmy thought into a reality?


Simple! You follow our meticulously drafted list of new-age Bollywood songs that are perfect for every bride’s entry. This list includes Bollywood songs that range from `cliché’ to `OMG! This song’


Check out this list of 25 bridal songs and shortlist your choices today!


1. Leja Re by Dhvani Bhanushali



2. Nachdi Phira by Jasleen Royal



Nachdi Phira from the movie Secret Superstar has been sung beautifully by Jasleen Royal. The song is soulful and touches the heart. This is a very popular choice for bridal solo dances & even used widely as a Bridal entry song.


3. Din shagna da – Phillauri 



Din sagna da from the movie Phillauri has taken the wedding world by storm. Especially after Anushka Sharma used this song for her bridal entry at her wedding with Indian cricket heartthrob Virat Kohli. The wedding was held Italy in December 2017


4. Afreen Afreen by Coke Studio



I don’t know how have you entangled my gaze with yours, My mind gets drawn towards you, The dawn on my face, the dusk of my tresses, Everything that is my dear, is now yours. Your gaze touched me, this magic is the result, I feel beautiful. Afreen – Afreen is a popular Bridal solo dance and bridal entry song. Espcially the Coke Studio version sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.


5. Nach dene Saare – Baar Baar Dekho 



Nach dene saare from the movie Baar baar Dekho has taken the Mehndi scene by storm. This bollywood punjabi & hindi song is a hot favoruite at Indian wedding celebration be it a Mehndi dance or a Sangeet.


6. Saiyaan Superstar- Ek Paheli Leela



Sayiaan superstar from the movie Ek paheli leela. The is a quirky, bindass, fun kind of bridal entry song. A lot of brides have used this song for dance performance at fun group dance song at Sangeet or Mehndi dance song.


7. Cutiepie – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil



Cutiepie from the movie Ae dil hain mushkil is a fun song that brides are choosing for a bridal group dances. The peppy beats of this song enregies the mood and gets every one swaying to the music and cheering!


8. Kala Chashma- Baar Baar Dekho



Kala Chashma from the movie Baar Baar Dekho is the comeback of this Popular Panjabi MC song. The song has a fun vibe to be and it is used by fun-loving, bindaas brides as their bridal entry song. Some brides have used with for bridal solo dance or a group dance song at sangeet events.


9. Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Rey



Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Rey is for the brides who’ve seen the world, done it all on the crazy days and in city lights. This is a beautiful bridal entry song. You are sure to leave your groom enchanted and friends in awe..


10. A 1000 Years by Christina Perri



A thousand years by Christina Perri from the movie Twilight is the song a lot of young hearts beat to. This romantic song is a wonderful choice as a bridal entry song, you are sure to make your fiancee speak a beat as he watches you enter to these beautiful lyrics.


11.Navrai Maajhi – English Vinglish



‘Ek din aap yun humko mil jayenge’ from the movie Yes boss is a cute 90’s song that is still popular among couples who want to profess and show their love in the form of their couple dance at the Sangeet. The song is very popular for bridal couple dance performances.


12. Raabta – Agent Vinod 



Raabta from the moive Agent Vinod is a beatiful romantic number sung by Arijit Singh. Literally everything that Arijit Singh has touched has turned gold. This song is just one of the many examples. Raabta is a popular song for the bridal couple’s dance at Sangeet events.


13. Dilbaro – Raazi



Dilbaro is a heart touching song from the movie Raazi. The song is about a father and daughter’s beatiful relationship. The bride is telling her father that she is a piece of his heart. The daughter is asking her father to help her cross another threshold and start her married life. This song is very popular among brides as a bridal entry song. A lot of brides also choose this song for their bridal solo dance performance.


14. Tum Jo Aaye – Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 



Tum jo aaye zindagi mein (Reprise) sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan from the movie Once upon a time in Mumbai. The reprise version has a very nice and romantic pace to it. This is a great song for the bridal couple dance at the Sangeet. Leave him awestruck with your performance, live the lyrics when you dance to them.


15.Itni Si Baat Hai – Azhar



Itni si baat hain from the movie Azhar, is again a popular romantic song that has been on top of the charts. Off late, we have seen a lot of bridal couples choosing this song for their couple dance performance at Sangeets. Some brides have chosen this song as their bridal solo dance number as well at Sangeet events.


16. Ek Din Aap Humko Yun Mil Jayenge – Yes Boss 



‘Ek din aap yun humko mil jayenge’ from the movie Yes boss is a cute 90’s song that is still popular among couples who want to profess and show their love in the form of their couple dance at the Sangeet. The song is very popular for bridal couple dance performances


17. Ay Hairathe- Guru


‘Ay hairathe aashiqi..’ from the movie Guru is another beautiful AR Rahman song written by Gulzar. The opening of this osng is used for bridal entry medleys. The song is also used for Bridal couple dances at Sangeet.


18. Jashn-e-Bahara – Jodhaa Akbar



Jashn – e – bahara is a beautiful song from the movie Jodha Akbar. There are many great covers out there that can be used as a Bridal entry song, I advise you to choose a good female cover. The original version of this song is a good choice for a bridal couple dance performance at a Sangeet.


19. Whole Wide World- Mindy Gledhill



Whole wide world by Mindy Gledhill is such a beautiful song. Talking about a girl who is a dreamer. A girl who wants to ballet dance, learn a little something about romance. Someone who would take a chance, live a crazy dream. However impossible it may seem. She is going to live a crazy dream. This is the perfect bridal entry song for our happy, dreamy and ambitious brides.


20. Tune Maari Entriyaan- Gunday



‘Tune maari entriyaan’ from the movie Gunday. The song has a fun, masti and little crazy vibe to it. A lot of fun-loving bindaas brides are using this song to plan such a fun bridal entry. You may also use this song for a bridal dance with a group


21. Sammi Meri Waar by Coke Studio



‘Sammi meri waar’ by Coke Studio is a song about declaring love to one’s lover. Sammi’s lover is declaring his love for Sammi. This Coke Studio Pakistan song has become a sensational hit for bridal entry songs.


22. Oh Ho Ho Ho – Hindi Medium



Oh ho ho ho from the movie Hindi Medium is a remake of the Sukhbir’s song ‘Taree gin gin’ This classic from Sukhbir is back as a popular bridal group dance song for the fun loving and quirky brides. Love the engery that this song brings to the room be it a Sangeet or Mehndi.


23. London Thumakda- Queen



London Thumakda from the movie Queen has become so popular in all bollywood clubs and parties. The song is based on a beatiful Punjabi folk song Latthe di chadar. A lot of brides have loved this song or Latthe di chadar as their songs for Bridal entry. This is also very popular as a song for bridal group dance.


24. What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction



What makes your beautiful by One Direction is a romantic song which is very popular as a bridal entry song


25. Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars.



Just the way you are by Bruno Mars is a beautiful song, which despite being last on our list is extensively used by brides. In the last 6 months, 29 of our brides have used this song as their bridal entry song. A couple of brides also chose this for their bridal solo dance also at the Sangeet. I am sure they are all very well trained dancers :).


So, decided what your song is going to be? We wish that everyone is hooked on to you while you enter and rock the stage!


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