Experience Nature in Indoor Weddings. Learn How! : WeddingsOnly.in

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Experience Nature in Indoor Weddings. Leaarn How! : WeddingsOnly.in

Convert your indoor wedding venues into outdoor ones with this brilliant décor ideas

Don’t compromise on your wish of outdoor wedding; Embrace the outdoors at an indoor wedding

Feel the outdoors in an indoor wedding with this brilliant wedding décor ideas

When the glorious orange, splendid golden, and brilliant red starts getting fade, the birds return to their house, and the starts decide to twinkle out; who would not like to get married in such tranquil surrounding? An outdoor wedding is a new craze as per the top 10 wedding planners in India. Many couples dream their wedding amidst a forest with beautiful flowers blossoming but end up compromising on their big day due to too cold, too hot, too windy, or too cloudy conditions outside. For all such bride and grooms, here we have compiled some brilliant Indian wedding ideas given by the top 10 wedding planners in India.

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Ceiling installations: As per the top 10 wedding planners in India, ceiling installations have always been a great Indian wedding idea to decorate a place and create a vibe there. To get an outdoor feel, the wedding planners suggest replacing the crystal chandelier with plenty of flowers, verdure, and even twinkling stars to create a starry sky appearance.

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Create a boxwood wall: Instead of a simple flower wall, The top 10 wedding planners in India suggest to use boxwood hedges for your backdrop, it creates a very garden maze feel.

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Wooden furniture: In so created natural indoors, what an iron or plastic chairs will do? The best wedding planners in India embrace outdoor in an indoor with all wood furniture around.

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Garland runners: Instead of a proper table, chair, the top 10 wedding planners in India prefer using some low wooden sitting arrangement and spread flowers in the center. It creates a feeling of eating along with a blossom lined path.

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Stump slabs: For servings on the table or laying down the cake or candles, the top 10 wedding planners in India suggest to use something created of wood. There are a lot of wooden platters and such accessories are available in the market. The say, explore and incorporate all of them to create a perfect vibe of outside inside the four walls.

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Trees: Putting up the trees in the center of the rows of tables or maybe creating a boundary of them is a brilliant idea that best wedding planners in India have been working on. By putting in a lot of branches and greenery in big glass stands, a very natural vibe can be created.

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Place flowers randomly: While the carefully curated bouquets have their beauty, the top 10 wedding planners in India go for random placement of beautiful flowers. They say, pick a variety of wildflowers with different colors and textures and place them here and there to give a pure feel.

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Choose a place with big windows: Obviously, when you want to embrace the outdoors at an indoor wedding, you would always choose an Indian wedding venue that has big windows. The top 10 wedding planners in India say that it is an excellent idea of getting the feel of nature while enjoying all cool under the air conditioner inside.

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String twinkle lights: To give an actual under the sky feel to the indoor Indian wedding venues, the best wedding planners in India use twinkle lights and string them on the upper part of the pillars of the venue.

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Pick on more natural colors: The best wedding planners in India say that color has a big role to play in the décor of your wedding and therefore they believe in incorporating a lot of brown and green accents to have that forest vibe inside the roof.

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Embracing the outdoors in an indoor Indian wedding venue is a really challenging and interesting concept and if you also want to get something like this done for your wedding in a very beautiful and economical way then do contact Weddings Only. We keep a tap of all the trends and come up with our own ideas to make sure that you get the vibe of outdoors to the wedding while being safe and perfect at the same time.