Floral Jewellery : Latest Trends in Mehendi Jewellery for the Brides

Published by Ashutosh Gindoria

Want to break the old fashioned and boring ways of jewellery?


Keeping yourself updated and keeping up with the trends is a tough call to do! But don’t worry, we have the latest trends listed for you!


People hate clichés, and that’s how new ideas come into fashion trends. That’s how it has been working for a long time. Gradually everything which broke the clichés got into trend. People did it with attires, then footwear and then makeup. Now people have come up with this fantastic idea of not wearing clichéd gold, silver, platinum and diamond jewellery. They have come up with this excellent idea of floral jewellery.

Apart from just being comfortable, light and easy to carry, they also make the look quite surprising and very different. People liked this idea so much that this has become a huge trend now. Apart from adding a freshness to the look, this jewellery has its fragrance which adds to the classiness.



Floral Jewellery, Bridal Jewellery


Different types of floral jewellery are in trend right now. The jewellery could either be made of real or artificial flowers. There are maang-tikkas which are worn on the head. Hathphools are made of flowers which looks fantastic when worn. Neck-pieces and earrings are also made from different coloured flowers. Floral jewellery is the best choice to opt for your Mehendi function. So, we have handpicked the best floral jewellery for you starting from complete set to just maang tika, we’ve got you covered! So check it out :


1. Full set of floral jewellery


Keeping up with the trends is quite a fun thing to do, and as I mentioned above already, the floral jewellery is slowly taking over the gold and silver ones. A complete set of matching floral jewellery, starting from maang tika to the bracelets, looks stunning. Now, talking about variations, let me tell you that your floral jewellery can vary from as many flowers as possible because it’s limitless. Also, teaming up different colours is quite a creative task too. You want to match red with white or yellow with blue; anything will look beautiful. As you’ll scroll further, you will also see that roses, mogra, tiny button flowers, and whichever flower exists, it can be used. So without wasting more time, dive into the beautiful gallery and have a look at how varied jewellery you can design for yourself. 


Floral Jewellery, Bridal Jewellery, red and white floral jewellery

Floral Jewellery, Bridal Jewellery, yellow floral jewellery

Floral Jewellery, Bridal Jewellery

Floral Jewellery, Bridal Jewellery, orange floral jewellery

pink floral jewellery, Floral Jewellery, Bridal Jewellery

Floral Jewellery, All white floral jewellery, Bridal Jewellery


2. Haathphool


Haathphool is the name given to the floral bracelets that the brides wear on their special occasion. But the thing about it is that you don’t need to keep it strictly limited to flowers, you can add a few ornaments too like a kalira. The purpose of this could be that you can easily stay in trend and at the same time keep up with the rituals also. One more significant feature about haathphool is that, along with the bracelets, there is a beautiful floral ring attached to it too, which goes towards the bride’s middle finger. Other variations which you can include in your floral bracelet is, whether to make it heavily floral with drooping flowers or to make it simple one limited to the wrist. I think I have described it enough and you should check the gallery by yourself :




3. Floral Anklet 


Being limited to just earrings or bracelets is not a thing anymore, floral anklets are in trend too. Flowers attached to beaded anklet will look amazing. 



4. Floral Tiara 


If not a crown, then a tiara! Well, a tiara is a crown only, but instead of gold its made of flowers. At least I would like to see it that way. Tiaras make you feel like a queen, and there’s no question about that. From bright pinks to pure sober white, every crown looks beautiful despite the combinations of the flowers used.  Here we have enlisted a few of the crowns which will give you an idea on how you’re going to go about yours. 



5. Maang Tikka


A maang tikka is another accessory which is essential and cannot go missing. It looks beautiful when matched with other jewellery. You can either have just a small flower in the middle parting, or you can have a long trail of tiny flowers going through the starting of the forehead into the hair. Also, don’t forget any colour combination is going to look beautiful. 



Happy brides are the prettiest, but so are the ones who make their jewellery choices wisely. We’ve shown you our gallery, now its time for you to come up with your own. 

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