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Published by Aishwarya Tripathi

Do you want to take a break from the stereotypical blouse designs?


Keeping up with the trends is a fun thing to do, follow the gallery below and check out some of the latest blouse styles!



I’m sure some of you love going with the traditional ways and the golden old-fashioned styles but as the fashion industry is moving ahead at a great pace, we have some latest styles for you to try by yourself. From boat neck style to the tube blouses, sleeveless ones to net full sleeves, heavily embroidered to simple, we have handpicked almost every kind, for you to make the best choices. Its time to leave the boring ways behind and light up your fashion game a bit. 


With fashion stylists becoming more creative with time, we have some unique blouse styles coming up too. We have enlisted some latest  blouse styles for you which are surely drool-worthy : 


 1. Boat neck blouses

If you are out there looking for some fancy blouse but worried about how it would look on you, then keep your fear aside and wear a boat neck blouse which will surprise you with an astonishing look.

 1. Champagne coloured sleeveless boat neck blouse with embroidery work


Blouse Inspiration, Blouse styles, boat neck blouse


2. Full sleeves boat neck blouse in maroon-beige combination


Blouse Inspiration, Blouse styles, boat neck blouse with 3/4th sleeves


3. Turquoise blue sleeveless boat neck blouse along with circle mirror work


Blouse Inspiration, Blouse styles, boat neck blouse, sleeveless blouse


4. Grey 3/4th boat neck blouse with mirror work embroidery motifs


Blouse Inspiration, Blouse styles, boat neck blouse. 3/4th sleeves


5. Emerald Green 3/4th sleeves boat neck blouse with golden print motifs


Blouse Inspiration, Blouse styles, boat neck blouse


6. Beige boat neck blouse with floral embroidery 



7. Floral beige half sleeves boat neck blouse



8. Black floral printed boat neck blouse



9. Red boat neck bridal blouse with golden embroidery and heavy border around the neck



10. Black boat neck blouse with artistic classical print



11. Blood Red boat neck blouse with golden floral embroidery


12. Lavender boat neck blouse with golden booti work 



2. Minimal Embroidery

Heavy embroidery work attracts the attention of everyone. So, if you want all the heads turning towards you then opt for this style of blouse with a fantastic variety of designs.


 1. Pink half sleeves blouse with heavy golden embroidery 



2. Dark maroon blouse with golden embroidery motifs



3. Saffron 3/4th sleeves blouse with contrasting fuschia borders, all in heavy golden embroidery 



4. Red bridal blouse with heavy golden embroidery work 



5. Velvet Red blouse with multicolour floral embroidery (mainly roses)



6. Dark maroon velvet blouse with golden leaves embroidery design 



7. Beautiful beige blouse with intricate floral embroidery 



8. Blush Pink blouse with silver vines embroidery 



9. Turquoise blue blouse with traditional golden embroidery 



10. Red blouse with minimal golden embroidery 



11. Baby Pink bridal blouse with minimal floral embroidery 



12. Pink Deep V-neck blouse with heavy embroidery work on the arms 



13. Golden blouse with intricate golden embroidery in a check design 



14. Blood Red bridal blouse with heavy golden embroidery work 


15. Salmon Pink blouse with contrasting golden embroidery work 



16. Mustard Blouse with golden flower motifs embroidery 


17. Royal Blue withy heavy golden embroidery all over



18.  Beige blouse with golden and pink embroidery 



3. Corset style blouses


One of the best designs in blouse, which also gives an illusion of a slimmer body is the corset style. This style is trendy, and it is long enough to reach your waist, which would make you look perfect.


 1. Black corset blouse with floral embroidery 



2. Dark maroon corset blouse with heavy golden embroidery on the borders 



3. Baby blue corset blouse with intricate silver embroidery 



4. Maroon corset blouse with golden embroidery and flower booti attached



5. Sea Green corset blouse with identical golden embroidery 



6. Beige corset blouse with coordinated beige embroidery 



4. 3/4th sleeve blouse

To cover your heavy arms, go for a tight 3/4th sleeve blouse with not so heavy embroidery. This will give shape to your arms and will serve to your purpose.


 1. Emerald Green and blush pink blouse with 3/4th sleeves



2. 3/4th sleeves blouse with beads attached on the end 



3. Turquoise Blue 3/4th sleeves blouse with check pattern and motifs



4. Lime green blouse with 3/4th sleeves



5. Fuschia Pink blouse with embroidered 3/4th sleeves blouse



6. Peach 3/4th sleeves blouse with golden attachments in the end 



7. Blush Pink blouse with net embroidered sleeves



8. Purple 3/4th sleeves blouse with golden print around the arms



9. Mirrored Deep V-neck blouse with 3/4th sleeves



10. Off-shoulder blood red blouse with golden embroidered 3/4th sleeves 



11. Deep V-neck Fuschia Pink blouse with 3/4th sleeves 



12. Off white 3/4th sleeves bl0use with bride-groom embroidered on the sleeve



13. Deep Green Blouse with 3/4th sleeves and intricate golden embroidery 



14. Off-white blouse with striped blush pink 3/4th sleeves blouse



5. Full sleeve blouse

Just like three-fourth style blouses, these type of blouse diverts attention from your heavy arms. To add beauty to this blouse, add some beautiful design around your wrist and see how adorable it looks.


 1. Fuschia pink blouse with full sleeves and golden-white embroidery 



2. Deep maroon simple full sleeves blouse



3. Off-white blouse with full net sleeves and intricate embroidery



4. Off-shoulder blouse with full sleeves 



5. Blush pink blouse with full sleeves and minimal embroidery 



6. Peach blouse with full sleeves and heavy golden embroidery 



7. Blush pink blouse with full sleeves and pearl lining on the sleeves



6. Unique patterns

If you know your body shape perfectly and love experimenting, then go for such designs that would even fall under the categories mentioned above and also looks beautiful and unique.


 1. Extremely deep V-neck blouse with 3/4th sleeves



2. Cold Shoulder blush pink blouse with tassel details on the sleeves


3. Deep V-neck blouse with tassels on the sleeves



4. Deep V-neck blouse with tassels around the arms as well as the waist 



5. Deep Green blouse with tassel details on the arms 



6. Blood Red Blouse with tassels on the arms and V-shape sleeves



7. Tube blouse with golden embroidery 



8. Gorgeous Pink blouse with golden pattern print and also a belt attached to it



9. Silver booti embroidery on a dark maroon deep-neck blouse



10. Pink blouse with golden zardosi embroidery 



11. Silver Off-shoulder with embroidery



12. Off-shoulder blouse with sheer sleeves and tassel details on the waist



13. Off-shoulder Floral Embroidery blouse and golden tassel details



14. Grey Off-shoulder Blouse with golden embroidery and tassel details on sleeves 



15. Blood-Red Off-Shoulder Blouse with black zardosi embroidery



16. Golden tassel details attached to an off-shoulder blouse



17. Deep neck sea-green off-shoulder blouse with tassel details



18. Turquoise off-shoulder blouse with golden embroidery



19. Off-shoulder blouse with silver tassels 



20. Blush pink off-shoulder blouse with tassels attached 



21. Classical motif embroidery on the back of the blouse



22. Cold-shoulder blouse with beads and zardosi embroidery 



23. Red Silk blouse with tassel details on the arm



24. Hot Pink blouse with balloon sleeves 



25. Pink blouse with belts on the arms



26. Palki design embroidered on the back royal blue blouse









Also, remember that body shape as nothing to do with your beauty. You are beautiful, even with your curves. Embrace it!


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