5 Basic Guidelines about Bridal Lehenga & Makeup Nobody Told You About

Published by Manohar Singh

Are you sure your bridal makeup compliments your Lehenga?


Lehenga and Makeup, Bridal Makeup, Bridal Makeup Artists, Wedding Idea, Wedding Inspiration


It is your wedding day, probably the most awaited and special day of your life! Your life is about to change, and while inviting this new beautiful chapter to your life, one thing every bride expects is that on this day, everything should flawlessly fall in place. Being females, secretly, intentionally or not, we have pointed out and criticised horrific dressing and makeup, especially of brides. At times, it is amusing to point out mistakes and make fun, but you for sure don’t want to be such a fashion disaster, especially on your wedding day, right? Every bride expects spick and span appearance on her wedding day. Many factors affect your appearance on your wedding day, from your collection of jewellery, lehenga design to your make artist but the most important of all is that these things should complement each other. Imagine how many ways your look can turn into a fiasco if your makeup and lehenga does not go with each other! You may have hired the best artist and got a perfect lehenga, but you you’re your skin well and what type of makeup suits you, thus it is best not to experiment things on your wedding day and go with what suits you best. Hence, it is essential to focus on the minutest details and everything from the beginning till the end should be planned very accurately, and its implementation should also be perfect, after all, you do not want to become the bride that gives a chance to folks to find mistakes and criticise, isn’t it? Let us go through some of the basic guidelines about bridal makeup and lehenga to follow and don’t miss a chance to be a unique bride!

  Choose long-lasting makeup.


Lehenga and Makeup, Bridal Makeup, Bridal Makeup Artists, Wedding Idea, Wedding Inspiration


The first and most important precaution is that makeup should not fade away with time. It is a must for the bridal makeup to last for the entire wedding. Imagine what blunder will be created if your powder melts away in front of havan kund! Also, we often forget to take care of minor details like the lipstick colour should not fade away after the meal. It would be such an embarrassment! Also, don’t opt for very glossy makeup and instead select an option which would highlight your features finely. You have to choose between matte and dewy, one which suits you better, and at last, gloss can be applied to add a bit of shine.

  Make sure your makeup colours complement your bridal outfit.


Lehenga and Makeup, Bridal Makeup, Bridal Makeup Artists, Wedding Idea, Wedding Inspiration


Most of the brides live in a delusion that it is necessary to match the colour of the bridal outfit with the colour of the makeup, but instead, it is better if your makeup colour compliments your wedding attire. Imagine if you are wearing an attire that is a combination of three colours, say maroon, gold and green then it would be such a disaster to have a makeup consisting of these three colours. However pretty the wedding lehenga, jewellery and makeup artist maybe, the disgraceful combination of these colours in makeup will make the bride look nothing less than a rainbow. So instead of learning the lessons in a hard way, take care from the beginning and keep in mind that it is not vital to match the colours of lehenga and that of makeup.

  Let the eyes do the talking!


Lehenga and Makeup, Bridal Makeup, Bridal Makeup Artists, Wedding Idea, Wedding Inspiration


It is necessary to make safe choices when it comes to eye makeup. Perfect eye makeup can add a superior touch to your look. Choosing an eye makeup with colour matching with the outfit or in variation, both can be the right choice. An excellent selection of eye makeup will definitely won’t let you down for the rest of the evening.

  Choose appropriate lipstick.


Lehenga and Makeup, Bridal Makeup, Bridal Makeup Artists, Wedding Idea, Wedding Inspiration


Two factors are to be considered when it comes to lipstick. First, the colour of lipstick and second being how long the lipstick will last. Lip colour that compliments your lehenga will add more beauty to your face. It is better to match the lip colour with a skirt rather than the all-over outfit. This will create a good sense of uniformity in the entire gat up. Moreover, if the zest of the dress is orange or saffron, then it is better to avoid matching lip colour with a skirt because lipsticks do not create a good sense of the look. Next, we need a lipstick that lasts long, and it is no secret that matte finish lipsticks contain the highest level of pigmentation, which is the reason why it continues more compared to other lipsticks and thus is a perfect choice for wedding ceremonies. You can always apply gloss to your lip colour if you wish to add some shine to your lips. Is 

Still confused? Consider the red lip colour. Red lip colour is an evergreen choice, although it is a bold colour bt if you know how to carry it well, then it is difficult for anyone to deny that the colour is above perfect.

Also, never opt for tricky lip colours. It is good to experiment with different lip colours and see what suits you best but on your wedding day. It will be a huge risk to try a new lip colour. Take a vow of no experiments on the wedding day, especially not lipstick! 


  Uniqueness and Creativity


Lehenga and Makeup, Bridal Makeup, Bridal Makeup Artists, Wedding Idea, Wedding Inspiration


Although it is wise not to experiment anything new on your wedding day, sometimes none of the colours of wedding attire matches well with your makeup kit colours. Some people are very confident with new colours and if you are one of them and know your skin well, then with the help of makeup artist you can introduce a new colour by mixing two existing shades, which can do wonders! If done right, this will give you an edge and add charm to your look.

So, making smart and wise choices is the best-proven way to dress for a wedding. Regardless, your options can not go wrong. Be a unique bride with confidence in body language and sparkle on the face; everything else will fall in place.


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