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Amidst the planning is done months before your friend’s wedding, starting from the perfect wedding lehenga hunt to the intricate jewellery planning, we understand how meticulous of a task it is to help her create the wedding of your dreams for her. But you, the friend of the bride, is equally important and not forgotten. It is your day too, to mingle with all the acquaintances you had been waiting to meet, look stellar in your friends-of-the-bride photoshoots, and most of all to flaunt your evolved persona with people you haven’t seen since years. Jewellery makes an enormous impact on the way a woman looks and feels, and has always been an important part of our culture from a long time, serving a primary purpose which is deeply significant to each one of us. Your jewellery can make or break the outfit. We have the impressive jewellery collection handpicked for you, whether you’re the Friend-Of-The-Bride or Bride-Of-The-Friend. 




Mia by Tanishq is an exquisite range of beautiful, urban-chic, jewellery crafted for the modern young woman and is inspired by the power, confidence and taste that is in each ambitious woman of the contemporary. The collection has been categorised in two, one in the modern and another in the contemporary ethnic space; ranging from earrings, finger rings, pendants, and bangles. All the pieces in Mia are crafted in 14K gold, making the collection durable and lighter on the pocket. Mia claims that each piece reflects superior finish, diversity and best in class design. 



 It is a breakthrough from the conventional idea of jewellery, something that the modern woman has been looking for since recent times. The Friends of the Bride Collection is worth checking out, with the best pieces to make your outfit stand out with the most vibrant jewellery. You can pick your kind of bling from these three subcategories designed primarily to create the closest friends of the bride look extraordinary and timelessly beautiful. Meanwhile, we picked some out for you to inspire your outfit! 


1. Mehendi Madness 


Light Weight Jewellery, Mehndi Madness, Lightweight Gold Necklaces, Bridal Jewellery, Wedding Inspiration, Wedding Trends, Jewellery By Tanishq 


This Mia by Tanishq Everyday Work Essentials 14KT Yellow Gold Pendant necklace is an absolute stunner to make heads turn at your best friend’s wedding, and possibly make your future husband notice you for the first time (wink, wink). It is priced at only Rs. 9712, it weighs 0.63 grams. 


2. Shaadi Shenanigans 


 Light Weight Jewellery, Lightweight Gold Necklaces, Shaadi, Bridal Jewellery, Wedding Inspiration, Wedding Trends, Jewellery By Tanishq


Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant can be the perfect match for your dress if you opt for an item of neutral coloured clothing such as cream or peach. Priced at Rs. 7629, it is a buy worth each penny.


3. Cocktail Craziness 


 Light Weight Jewellery, Lightweight Gold Necklaces, Cocktail Craziness, Bridal Jewellery, Wedding Inspiration, Wedding Trends, Jewellery By Tanishq

Featured in the famous FilterCopy collaboration with Mia, this necklace can be a great way to symbolise your forever friendship with your best friends, even in the after-married life. 

 If you, as a bride, are brave enough to break conventional norms and opt for minimalistic wear instead of the traditional massive set of jewellery, it has the potential to bring out the divinity in you, without the discomfort. The Mia collection has 64 pieces to choose from, suited to every personality a woman is born for, and enhance her beauty and brilliance to make her look and feel no less than immaculate each time she puts on her jewellery. 



If you happen to have less time for disposal to visit the nearest Tanishq store, Tanishq also gives the option to order at the Tanishq online store. It will be delivered to you within seven business days. Cash on delivery is also an option, with no shipping charges. If you feel sceptical about buying jewellery online, Mia offers a full guarantee on the authenticity of the product and claims that each product undergoes strict quality checks before being delivered to the doorstep. 



The Mia Collection’s minimalistic design can let you flaunt your jewellery long after the wedding festivities, be it at your workplace or an evening party. We adored this concept of reusability and could not resist sharing this collection. The Friends-Of-The-Bride Collection by Mia starts at only Rs. 2, 191 and can range in the predicted wedding budget easily. We dig on this cost-efficient designs, and the way these pieces have been crafted as amazing to look at, flawlessness oozing out of each one. 


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