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Everything that you need to know about Meenakari 


Meenakari Jewellery, Bridal Jewellery, Wedding Inspiration, Wedding Trends, Wedding Jewellery

What is Meenakari Jewellery?

Meenakari refers to the art of brightening the surface of any metal with hues in multifaceted plans. It was first utilized as a part of the decoration of Mughal royal residence dividers before it was joined in by gems. Accustomed to craftsmen in Rajasthan by Raja Mansingh of Amer, it was at first used to improve the back of customary Polki precious stone gems. Afterwards, it took the wheel in turning into its type of flowers and a fairly surely understood, broadly utilised one. It is generally done on gold with nature propelled outlines of flying creatures, creatures, blossoms, and so on yet different metals can also be utilised.



Meenakari is a Persian craft of shading the surface of metals by melding splendid hues? The craftsmanship was conveyed to Varanasi by Persian enamellists around mid-seventeenth century amid the Mughal time. The cost can change, depending on the karats of the gold and its amount; additionally, the complexities of the Meenakari take a shot at it. On a normal, a neckband could cost around 70,000-80,000 rupees. 

A decent method to keep up the grace of these Meenakari gems is to clean it with lemon and tamarind, so its shading stays unblemished.


History of Meenakari Jewellery



The craft of meenakari includes shading and ornamenting the surface of metals with the utilisation of splendid hues in an excellent outline. The word, meenakari comes from Meena, which is the female type of Minoo in Persian, alluding to paradise. Meena implies the purplish-blue shade of heaven. This workmanship was designed by the skilled Iranian workers of the Sassanid period and spread by Mongols to India and different nations. Jean Chardin, a French traveller who visited Iran amid the control of Safavid mentioned to a lacquer work of Isfahan. This work comprised of an example of creatures and winged animals on a flower foundation of light blue, yellow, green and red hues.


Origin of Meenakari Jewellery


Meenakari Jewellery, Bridal Jewellery, Wedding Inspiration, Wedding Trends, Wedding Jewellery


Since ages, gold has been a favoured metal for meenakari workmanship as it can excellently hold the veneer. Not just this, the use of gold in meenakari works likewise improves the shine of the craftsmanship while drawing out the shades of the polishes correctly. The use of silver in meenakari work was presented later, which was utilised for making bowls, boxes, spoons, and craftsmanship pieces. Later on, copper was additionally introduced in meenakari craftsmanship after the Gold Control Act, which constrained the meenakari of India to search for metals other than gold for making meenakari gems and other workmanship pieces.

The most captivating nature of these gems lies in its reversibility as it can be switched and worn by the wearer to appreciate distinctive examples in a similar bit of flowers.


Influence of Rajasthan


Meenakari Jewellery, Bridal Jewellery, Wedding Inspiration, Wedding Trends, Wedding Jewellery


Astonishing meenakari works of Rajasthan has extraordinarily effected the marriage gems gathering of India. The excellence of this craftsmanship lies in the power of specialised aptitudes required for its creation which offers flawlessness to the decorations with meenakari plans.

Raja Man Singh of Mewar is viewed as the benefactor of the meenakari craftsmanship in sixteenth-century Jaipur because of his endeavours. This workmanship picked up a wide commend among the general public. Jaipur turned into the centre point of meenakari workmanship with the flood of very talented specialist from Lahore. In a couple of years, the ability of the skilled workers made the place a specific focus of meenakari planning.


Modern Day Bridal Jewellery

Marriage ornamentations picked up the utmost consideration of all because of its perfect outlines; nonetheless; the advanced age inclines toward some new styles in marriage plans. Keeping in mind the last goal to give an ideal mix of current and customary appearance to the lady of the hour on the most important occasion of her life.



The most significant impact over wedding adornments in India has been brought by Kundan, Rajasthani Meenakari and Thewa works which adopt a vital part in moulding the beautiful plans and cutting the states of the current gems of the Indian lady of the hour.


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We Indians sure know how to impress with Grandeur, just take a look at these Meenakari designs and tell me you aren’t impressed already. We know you are headed right outside to buy some!



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