11 Cool Ideas to Write Husband Name in Bridal Mehndi Design

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Mehendi Ideas to Get Your Husband's Name Written


One of the most exciting rituals during the mehndi at an Indian wedding is to have your husband’s name written on your hands with Mehendi. This one also marks to be an ice-breaking session for you two. Brides, have fun getting the groom’s name in your Mehndi.


There are many ways in which you can ask your mehndi artist to write your to-be husband’s name in bridal mehndi design. To keep your husband guessing where his name is hidden, we have some fantastic Mehendi design ideas that would let you hide his name between the designs. Let him keep looking for his name in your beautiful bridal mehndi!


Awesome Ideas to Write Husband’s Name in Your Mehendi at Wedding


1. Hide Husband Name in Mehndi Design

Everybody is aware of the wedding games played by the bride and the groom, and one of those games is ‘Finding the name’! On their mehndi ceremony, get the name of their husband-to-be hidden in their mehndi and on the wedding day, he needs to finds his name! For this, we got amazing ideas on how to hide husband’s name in mehndi.


Hide Husdand name in mehendi


Name written in Mehndi design


Husband Name in Mehendi Design


Name written in bridal mehndi


2. Make Way for The Name in Bridal Mehndi

This idea is that the first letter of the name to be the star of the design. In simpler words, leave a large gap within the mehndi design, and either write the entire name or the initials of the name in this clear space


 Husband's Name Written Mehendi Ideas


Husband's Name Written bridal Mehndi Ideas


 Bridal Mehandi Designs with name


latest Bridal Mehndi designs


3. The Cupid’s Strike Mehndi Design

What’s better than this idea to let your loved ones convey that he is the one? Make a heart pattern on your palm and strike the name of your to-be husband inside the heart as if Cupid has struck it. It is an utterly romantic way to create a mehndi design inspired by the Greek mythological love messenger.


 Husband's Name Written Mehendi Ideas


Name written in mehndi designs


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4. The Letter Scatter in Bridal Mehndi Design

Simply ask your mehndi artist to scatter all the alphabets in your groom’s name all over your mehndi. Later, ask him to find all the letters. It is a good idea if he is a scrabble enthusiast or likes playing with words.


Top Mehendi Ideas


bridal mehendi designs




5. Write Name at The fingertip Mehndi

Usually, the mehndi artists fill the fingertips with blobs of henna to bring out the tips of the hands. Use this space to write one letter each on every finger. If the name is a small one, you could get each character or letter written on the fingertip and then add a design around it


The Fingertip Mehendi Designs with Husband name


ideas to write name in mehndi designs on fingertip


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6. On The Ring Finger’s Circle

Have your wedding goals fulfilled by this idea. On the back of your palm, get the name of your husband written in a small font all around your ring finger and cover it later with patterns. The back of your hand is always visible, so is your husband’s name.


finger mehndi design with name


finger bridal mehndi design with name


7. Engraving The Meaning in Mehndi Design

The best part of an Indian wedding is that your Hindu husband would surely have a Hindu name, which has a meaning. Unless his name is complicated, you can draw the meaning of the name in the form of pictorial representation. Like, you are drawing a diya for ‘Deepak’. It can look beautiful as well as creative.


how to write husband name in mehendi


mehndi design with husband name


mehndi design with husband name


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8. Creating Patterns and Designs

One can also use creative calligraphic fonts to write the name. Not only do they look different, but they also add an extra flavour to the henna design. A lot of mehndi artists also have a variation of calligraphic fonts to choose from.


Creating Mehndi designs for brides


Unique mehendi designs with husband name


how to hide name in mehendi design


9. A Henna Bracelet

Another idea if you’re ready to go out of the box is a henna bracelet. Instead of interfering with the artist’s henna design, all you need is to get your spouse’s name beautifully drawn around your wrist.


how to hide name in mehndi design


Creative name Mehndi designs for wedding


Mehandi Ideas for husband name written in it



10. Write Name in Mehndi by Water Droplets

The back of the hand is an excellent space for exercising your creativity in mehndi designs. Instead of creating a henna pattern on the back of your fingers, simply have the letters of your husband’s name drawn artistically, one below the other, and running down the index finger.


Mehndi designs with name



11. A Henna Nail Art

A popular trend these days is to experiment with your nails. So while getting your nail art done, you can get the full name (if it occurs to be a short one) or just the first alphabet of the name done upon every nail. So while the mehndi would fade away in a few days, the initials on your nails stay will stay for longer.



Hope your creativity ran wild with these mehndi ideas to get your husband’s name written. You may never know, the story of searching your husband’s name could be a memorable one.


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