India’s Best Mehndi Artists who Bollywood, Ambanis, Birlas & Munjals hire

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India’s Best Mehndi Artists who are hired by Bollywood, Ambanis, Birlas & all HNIs


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Solah Shringar of the bride looks incomplete if there is no mehndi design on her hands. Among thousands of Indian traditions, Mehendi is one of those traditions, which delights not only the bride-to-be but also the invitees. Applying mehndi in India is not limited only to the wedding, it’s as popular during Karvachaut, Teeja, and various other festivals. There are times in the year when the demand for Mehendi and mehndi artists are high. 

With all the social media hypes and the cameras which capture everything in details, we must choose our Mehendi artist carefully, so we have handpicked these 10 Mehendi artists in Mumbai, who will create magic in your hands, and will leave the beholder bemused.


Jyoti Chheda



On top our list we have Jyoti Chedda for a reason, she’s won several awards for her intricate designs. She does not follow the herd blindly; she is known to create new styles of her own. She provides exceptional designs to her customers that hit the right string with them.  Just another usual Mehendi art or an intricate bridal Mehendi design, go to Jyoti, and you shall not be disappointed.


Geeta Patel



Geeta Patel is the master of Universal Mehendi art form. What does it mean, you ask? From traditional Mehendi to famous Arabic, Indo-Arabic, floral or zardozi, Geeta Patel shines in all the ways. She is very adaptive to the new trends, but she is also a trend-setter. Geeta has been in this business for 20 years, and she’s considered a legend!


Nirmala Asthana



Be it the most complex mehndi design or the most intricate, Nirmala Asthana can be trusted blindly. One of the best mehndi artist in entire Mumbai, Nirmala creates lovely religious themes and themes for every ceremony alike. 


Pawan Arts



For above a decade Pawan Arts has been offering their affordable services expertise in the field of mehndi designs in Mumbai. In addition to the ethnic design, functional capacities of Pawan Arts comprises Arabic and Moghul henna art. Do ask for henna tattoos and cutwork mehndi designs because that is another thing Pawan Arts specialises at.


Rahul Mehendi Arts


Mehndi Artists, Bridal Mehndi Artists, Mehndi Artists In Mumbai, Wedding Idea, Wedding Inspiration, Wedding Planning and Ideas


Rahul Mehendi art initially started as a past time and a medium to have fun among friends and family, but now, they have built a fantastic rapport for themselves. With the desire to offer the best to their clients, they have acquired a perfect amalgam of contemporary and traditional designs.  To have yourself amazing henna artists who in modern and traditional as well, you know whom to call. 


Deepa Sharma



This list would be incomplete without Deepa Sharma. She is veteran mehndi artists who have been offering her services for over 26 years. She is a famous artist among celebrities. She has been the pick of celebrities like Nargis, Aishwarya Rai, Genelia Deshmukh and Isha Koppikar, to name a few.


Hansa Gajra



If you are someone who fancies surprises, then Hansa Gajra will leave you in splits with amazing designs. She is crazy about trying out traditional and trendy mehndi designs, and that is something that has put her in the list of top Mehendi artists. Her distinctive designs are almost impossible to find and will leave your invitees mesmerised when they look at you. Her few areas of specialisation include bridal, zardozi, sari pallu, jadau, Kundan, bandhani and Arabic designs.


Jayshree Maru


Mehndi Artists, Bridal Mehndi Artists, Mehndi Artists In Mumbai, Wedding Idea, Wedding Inspiration, Wedding Planning and Ideas


Award-winning henna designer Jayshree Maru has experience of over two decades. Her devotion to henna creation and excellent describing has assisted her in getting several celebrity preps. Her extraordinary mehndi designs have made her a celebrity favourite.


Usha and Ekta Shah



The duo of Ekta and Usha have been ruling this industry for a long time. Usha tops in traditional mehndi, Ekta’s supremacy lies in modern henna art. The mother-daughter not just known in the country but globally. They have worked with some big names, and they do get intimidated by that. 


Veena Nagda



Last but not least, Veena is famous for being a Bollywood henna queen. She has worked with uncountable stars for marriages and movies. Taking names, Shilpa Shetty, Karisma Kapoor and the Ambanis are a share of her well-known clients 


Mehendi hai rachne vali, Haatho me gehri laali

Kahen Sakhiya…Babe, who did you hire? Because this designer is fantastic.

We hope you have a vibrant mehndi as deep as your love. 


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