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Published by Ashutosh Gindoria

Are you willing to browse some trendy bridal anklets?


Here we have enlisted some beautiful bridal anklets which will steal your heart right away!


Bridal Payal, Bridal Accessories, Bridal Accessories Inspairation


Every choice you make on your wedding day is the most important one.  Even if you sort your maang tikka, bangles and earrings, one thing you’re left with is the  Payal or anklet. Trends are emerging regarding everything and keeping up with the trends has become a duty now. Every Indian jewellery somewhere or the other does hold some significance. However, Payal is worn by the brides as a sign of the family’s devotion to their daughters. 


Moreover, the bride can choose to go for some super simple thin anklet to a heavy gemmed anklet; it all depends on her. Without further ado, let’s dive deep into the endless gallery of different kinds of Bridal Payal : 


“You’ll hear the sounds of her Payal everywhere she goes.”


Bridal Payal, Bridal Accessories, Bridal Accessories Inspairation


 1. Gem-studded or Kundan Bridal Payal


At times, not only gobs of Ghunghroo but neatly studded gems or diamonds or pearls can do wonders to the Payal. Check out these different kinds of gem-studded Payals:


 1. Substantial Gems studded to the Payal makes it look very royal. Moreover, the thickness of the chains gives the anklet peculiar features. 


Bridal Payal, Gema-studded Payal, Bridal Accessories, Bridal Accessories Inspairation


2. Pearl-studded and Kundan Bridal Payal has its charm. The anklet has the characteristic to reflect, hence having a glamorous effect on everyone who looks at it. 


Kundan Payal, Bridal Payal, Bridal Accessories, Bridal Accessories Inspairation


3. Double-lined Kundan bridal Payal looks gorgeous. The brides who believe in simplicity can easily go for this one. 


Bridal Payal, Bridal Accessories, Kundan Payal, Bridal Accessories Inspairation


2. Beautiful Jhallar or Jhankar Bridal Payal


Instead of simply going for the studded anklets, some brides choose to go for Jhallar or Jhankar anklets. These can be distinguished by the assembly of dangling chains and some stone attached to it. 


 1. Rhinestone attached to the assembly of different dangling chains. These kinds of Payal can easily complement your feet mehndi design. 



 2. Peacock motif embedded in the assembly of multiple dangling chains. Peacock gives a traditional touch to the accessory.



 3. Assembly of golden chains with different studded colours of stones, giving it a contrasting look. This kind will go great with your bridal lehenga. 



 4. Silver chains assembled and studded with a substantial diamond. Also, two peacock motif on either side is giving it a touch of Indian culture.



5. Silver chains neatly assembled to each other along with prominently prominent sized peacock motifs attached to them. 



6. Beaded chains fit together in the form of curves along with peacock motifs attached to them. The motifs make it super eye-catchy.



3. Attach a lot of ghunghrus, and you’ll know wherever she’s going!

Ghunghroos are usually considered synonymous to a Payal. Whenever somebody hears the sound of the gobs of ghunghru, they associate it with the Payal. Hence, these are quite important for any Bridal Payal Design. Check out these designs to get an idea :


 1. An all in one Payal design with Kundan, pearls as well as the ghunghrus. All the three elements neatly set together make a great combination and are quite mesmerising to the eyes as well. 



2. Golden chains always add to the glory, just like this one. Multiple trails of golden chains are assembled and making an addition to them are the hanging pearls that look beautiful. 



3. A thick golden chain complemented by golden ghunghrus. I think attaching ghunghrus to the Payal should be made a mandatory action. 



4. Silver coloured thick Kundan Payal attached with gobs of ghunghrus for giving it a finishing effect 



5. Sober and straightforward silver chain attached with silver ghunghrus perfectly complementing each other. This design could be for the brides who choose to stay simple always.



6. Beaded golden chains assembled with Kundan studded on them. Moreover, the golden ghunghrus are adding charm to the whole accessory. 



7. A thick silver chain with gobs of silver ghunghrus looks very traditional



8. Kundan Payal assembled along with ghunghrus all around the accessory 



9. Triple lined neatly assembled golden chains with golden ghunghrus attached to it. The ghunghrus tend to complete the Payal.



  10. A single thick golden chain complemented by hanging pearls around it. The beads create a traditional look to the ornament. 



11. Golden chains attached with pearls hanging to it. Also, the beaded golden chains have a different charm of their own. 



12. A simple silver chain attached with many ghunghroos wrapped around it. This is a perfect Payal design for the brides who love the elegant and simple styles.



 13. Kundan Payal with multiple chains assembled and ghunghrus attached to it



14. Gobs of ghunghroos attached to multiple silver chains to give a simplistic look



15. Multiple golden chains assembled and beautiful pearls attached to them 



16. A tribal style of thick silver chain with multiple big-size ghunghrus attached to it



4. Bridal Payal with a toe rings attached to them


This is one unique style of Payal as well as toe rings. If you are one of those brides who always wants to go out of the way and steal the show, then these styles are meant for you!


 1. Double-lined Golden chains assembled neatly together with a chain going towards the toes. This is quite a different design because of the multiple circular motifs used to attach the toe ring. 



2. Very thick silver chain with emerald green gem studded to it looks royal. Also, the chain going to the toes has diamonds and gemstones studded to it. This design is an example of heavy Payal.



3. A unique design of Bridal Payal with multiple trails of beaded chains assembled. The use of numerous tiny stones makes it look more impressive. 



4. Thick silver chain that gives a tribal look looks fantastic. Moreover, the unique feature of this anklet is its multiple toerings attached to it. 



5. Modern yet traditional anklet with diamond-studded to it. Moreover, the size of the substantial diamonds gives it a contemporary look. 


6. A unique emerald studded bridal Payal with beaded chains going towards the toe. Also, the chain attached is pearl beaded; therefore, it looks more royal and stunning.



5. Heavy and Thick Bridal Payal


For the brides who adore heavy and complicated work, here’s a perfect style of Payal for you. Thick Payals can be made of anything, be it an assembly of chains or gobs of ghunghrus or simply a thick silver chain, it all looks royal and oh-wow!


 1.  A classic thick silver with peacock motifs 



2. Thick silver chains with ghunghrus attached to it



3. Tribal Oxidized Thick Payal with stones studded to it. However, the oxidised silver is the element that gives the Payal a tribal look. 



4. Gobs of ghunghrus attached to multiple trails of chains giving a tribal impression



5.  Gobs of ghunghrus attached to thick patterned chains. Also, the oxidised silver looks great.



6. Thick silver chain with ghunghrus attached at it



7. Thick silver chain with a cubical pattern on it



8. Thick silver chain with gobs of ghunghrus






10. Floral printed thick silver chain with ghunghrus attached to it



6. Thin and simple bridal Payal


Some brides tend to stay pure on their wedding day as well. Therefore, these bridal Payals will be perfect for them.


1. Golden Payal with diamond-studded to it looks gorgeous. Along with it, the tiny coloured stones add beauty to it. Perfect for the brides who believe in simplicity. 


2. Thin Silver Payal with ghunghrus attached 



3. Kundan Thin Bridal Payal



4.Golden Kundan Bridal Payal



7. Floral Bridal Payal for Haldi Ceremony

Floral Anklets are perfect for the haldi ceremonies. Either artificial flowers can be used or the real flowers, floral adds beauty to anything. Moreover, these anklets can be easily matched with other pieces of jewellery. 


Bridal Payal, Bridal Accessories,Floral Anklet, Bridal Accessories Inspairation


Bridal Payal, Bridal Accessories, Bridal Accessories Inspairation, Floral Anklet










I think we’ve given you enough options to choose from. Make a wise choice and go for the best style!


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