Pure White Wedding Decor Theme | Wedding Decor Inspiration

Published by Ashutosh Gindoria

Are you planning to have a unique decor theme for your wedding?


White Wedding Decor is a great theme to opt for if you are looking for some modernised look!


According to my research, I discovered that every colour has some psychological effects. White colour psychology says about your personality that you’re innocent and organised, which are some significant factors. So, it’ll be an excellent decision to go for this white wedding decor theme. 


Choosing a wedding decor theme is a tough choice and has to be done with utmost eye-for-details. Starting from the entrance to the dance floor, every small detailing done to this decor looks gorgeous. Without further ado, dive into the gallery to enjoy this white wedding decor!


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I have always said and believed that the entrances should be the best part of the decor because it creates the first impression on the guests. As you’ll enter the venue, you’ll see a beautiful arch featuring white orchids tightly stuffed with each other. 


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Green colour wonderfully complements the white. Here also, you can see that the vertical wall garden is going well with the white entrance arch. Fresh white blooms on the foot of the garden look like a perfect fit. 


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Random decorated spots are a treat to the eyes, just like this little decoration. The vase with white godetia flowers looks very beautiful along with glass candelabras. Moreover, a small photo frame of the bride and the groom adds a perfect finishing.


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As you’ll move ahead, you will be mesmerised by the beauty of the hallway. It features a beautiful floral wall on equal intervals along with pink and white roses put in vases and jars. 


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The hallway has a dining table as well which with beige tiffany chairs. On the left we have full covered, white floral wall accompanied by the vertical wall garden. 


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Another prominent spot of the wedding is the stage, which has to be creatively beautiful at any cost. On this stage decoration, the drooping white wisterias look gorgeous. Flower vases spread around the stage, as well as the floral chandeliers, add detail to the decor. Besides, in the background, the floral arch made of white and blush pink blooms are breath-taking. 


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The dining tables and chairs have beige covering, and the napkins beautifully folded to add creativity. Also, the crystal vase in the centre with white godetia and white-yellow-pink roses looks like a brilliant set-up. 


I’m sure this beautiful theme is an inspiration for you to have your creative theme. Go ahead and save the ideas which you loved!

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