A Classic Wedding Decor in Purple & Magenta Pink | Wedding Decor Inspiration

Published by Ashutosh Gindoria

Do you want to have your wedding decor around the purple colour? 


Here at WeddingsOnly, we feature beautiful wedding decor themes, one of them being this gorgeous purple wedding decor theme!


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I always believe that entrances shouldn’t portray any drawbacks, hence should be prettified as much as possible. Here, before we explore this purple wedding decor, we see that the entry gate features a golden coloured quadrilateral arch. Moreover, on either side of the entrance, we have two stands with rose bouquets placed on them. 


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Any decoration at an Indian wedding is incomplete without chandeliers, and so they are quite essential to enhance your decoration. In this decor as well, we see beautiful purple floral chandeliers lined up consecutively. Also, huge vases kept on either side of the elevated aisle feature gorgeous pink and purple blooms giving the decor a fresh touch.


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The stage area of this decor is quite simplified. The background features round arches in contrasting purple colour, whereas the bigger stage frames showcase the golden shades.  In addition, the bulb chandeliers in the centre add to the beauty of the stage. 



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The dining area looks pretty with the decorations. It features a short fence and maroon swag draping which tends to add colours to the decor. Also, the fence separates the dining area and the lounge area. 


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The lounge area is probably the most chilled spot of the wedding, where the friends and family sit to have little gossips among themselves. The chandeliers in the area look quite unique due to their shape. Also, it features beautiful blooms and some dried sticks to enhance its look.


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The walls of the lounge area look so pretty that it can also be used as a background for pictures and can be converted into a photo spot. Moreover, the abstract structures on the wall make the area look lit. The flower vases kept at various distances creates a fresh environment for your relatives to sit and relax.


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An uncommon kind of chandelier can be seen here, wherein the tassel details is the speciality of it. The light coming from the spiral figures reflect upon the tassels making it shine and look magical. 


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The background of the buffet looks stunning with the half-circle shapes stuck on it. Moreover, the proper draping of the roof adds a glow to the decor. 


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Another peculiar feature of the dining area is the pattern figure stuck to the roof. Moreover, the floral chandelier put up is in the shape of a canopy with blooms wrapped tightly around the borders. 


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In this purple wedding decor, we notice that different styles of chandeliers have been used. Another type is this one, where blooms are attached to the tassels as well as the suspended part too. However, I think the maroon drapes are complementing the purple theme in an excellent manner. 


I’m sure this gallery of beautiful purple wedding decor would have left you mesmerized! Don’t hold back and save the ideas you loved. 

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