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Their Story

One of the most highlighting factors of their wedding was that Yomesh and Mansi saved for their marriage and did all the expenditure by themselves. It must not be as royal as the other "Grand Indian Wedding" but as Mansi expressed - " I think it's important to spread a message that our parents are not responsible to give us a fairy tale wedding, we have to write our own, and then no matter whether it's grand or not, it will be beautiful for sure."

Mansi & Yomesh got in touch through a college project in the year 2012. Yomesh was from a different college, so they talked on WhatsApp a lot, but met rarely. In fact, they met for the first time almost 2 years after knowing one another Over the years, they always stayed in touch and were each other's " someone special" but things never really kicked off properly as they were always in different cities, working on their career. One day suddenly, almost 3 years ago Yomesh messaged me over WhatsApp " Don't you think it's high time we started dating ?" It was again the long-distance, Mansi took 6 months to say yes! and then they went on their first "date". A year after dating one another over WhatsApp and calls. When they finally decided to fly more often to see each other, Covid happened. 

There was always a distance, so much so that they didn't have a single picture together before their marriage. But they managed to beat it and here we share, the most beautiful album of their lives. Mansi always wanted a love story, which when she narrates to her kids, they believe in the power of love. We think they have a beautiful Love Story.

Bride: @manasi.sharma.18

Groom: @yomeshgupta

Outfit: @asthanarangofficial (engagement) 

Outfit: @anitatadongre (wedding)

Makeup: @makeupbycherryy

Photos: @photo_paparazzo