25 Top Trending Sabyasachi Bridal Lehengas of 2019-20

Published by Ashutosh Gindoria


Trending Sabyasachi bridal Lehenga designs


With everchanging trends, the bride-to-be these days are willing to go for Sabyasachi Lehengas more than any other designers. I’m not sure if you will agree with me or not, but there is a special touch in this designer’s lehenga which makes it drool-worthy and quite breathtaking. Starting from traditional colours like red and maroon to new bee colours like turquoise and blush pink, we’ve enlisted all your favourite coloured lehenga in one gallery. 

Here are The Best Sabyasachi Lehengas for Brides to Choose From!

 1. Beautiful Turquoise & Pink Sabyasachi Lehenga


These two Sabyasachi lehengas are in unique shades of colours, i.e. turquoise and pink. These two colours are pretty much in trend these days, and the ones you should go for. 


Latest turquoise blue & Pink sabysachi lehenga Designs


2. Gorgeous Bride in Dark-maroon Sabyasachi Lehenga


This real bride is slaying the dark maroon lehenga with silver floral embroidery which looks exquisite. Also, pairing it with a deep neck blouse is a fab decision.


best Bridal Dark maroon lehenga by sabysachi


Dark Maroon Bridal Lehenga with Embroidery by Sabyasachi


3. Pastel Green Sheer Lehenga


Going for a simple pastel green Sabyasachi lehenga will also make you look gorgeous. Pairing the same with a simple sleeveless blouse will make you look simple yet elegant. 


Trending Pastel Green sabysachi lehenga for weddings


4. Beige Sabyasachi Lehenga with embroidery 


If you love going for gentle colours, then you should surely choose this beige Sabyasachi Lehenga with intrigue blush pink floral embroidery. The embroidery adds a pretty touch up to the attire. 


 Best Bridal lehenga With Embroidery by Sabyasachi

5. Champagne Colour Sabyasachi Lehenga 


If blush pink is not your thing, then you can go for a champagne colour lehenga with multi-coloured floral embroidery. Adding various colours automatically makes the attire look prettier. 


Bridal Champagne Colourfull Lehenga by Sabyasachi


6. Red Lehenga with Golden Embroidery


Brides who love the traditional colours should go for this Blood-red lehenga with beautiful golden embroidery. Moreover, the borders are made thick and heavy for making it look stunning. 


Classic Red Bridal Lehenga design by Sabyasachi


7. Light Green Colour all its way 

Gorgeous Sabyasachi Lehenga in a combination of light green and beige looks alluring. Moreover, the embroidery on the lehenga is intriguing and adds beauty to it. 


Sabyasachi Light Green Lehenga for brides


8. Pastel Green Lehenga with Large-Sized Motif Work 


Pastel Green Lehenga with Motif work by Sabyasachi for weddings


9. Dark-Maroon for bringing out the best


Nothing can beat the traditional colours! Likewise, this dark-maroon Sabyasachi lehenga looks gorgeous with vine-like embroidery in silver. Moreover, the intricate circles on the blouse look quite eye-catchy. 


 Best Bridal Dark Maroon Sabyasachi Lehenga for Weddings


10. Dark-Maroon Reflects Tradition


This latest Sabyasachi lehenga design looks ravishing with long paisleys embroidered on the lehenga. Also, the closely stitched booti patterns on the blouse give the whole attire a proper finishing. 


Dark Maroon Traditional Bridal Lehengas by Sabyasachi


11. Game of Pink and Red


This Sabyasachi Lehenga showcases the combination of Pink and red together, and I think it looks great. The pink lehenga looks beautiful in the silk fabric with thick borders, and the blouse features golden booti work that looks pretty as well. 


Pink & Red Sabyasachi Lehengas by Sabyasachi


12. Red Slays Forever


No matter how many colours come into trend, nothing can take over the red shade. This Sabyasachi Lehenga looks mesmerising in the red colour. Also, the lehenga features very beautifully done intricate pink embroidery, that complements the red. 


Sabyasachi Red Bridal Lehenga designs


13. Real Bride Posing in The Gorgeous Red Sabyasachi Lehenga


Sabyasachi Gorgeous Red bridal lehenga


14. Simple and Elegant Red


This Sabyasachi lehenga looks very simple, yet grabs our attention in an excellent manner. Moreover, the golden booti work on the lehenga adds all the beauty to the attire. 


Simple Red Lehenga by Sabyasachi for weddings


15. Seagreen Paired with Off-White


This sea green Sabyasachi bridal Lehenga looks breathtaking in the sea green colour. Moreover, the lehenga features floral print on Off-white that looks like a fantastic combination. 


Sabyasachi Seagreen bridal Lehenga Designs


16. Off-White Sabyasachi Lehenga with Heavy Work Blouse 


trending Sabyasachi bridal Lehengas with heavy work blouse


17. Astonishing Off-white Lehenga with Heavy Embroidery 


This is one of the unique designs by Sabyasachi wherein the embroidery is very intricate and in contrasting pink colour. Moreover, the lehenga looks flawless in the geometrical designs and touch of pink in it.


Off White bridal Lehenga by Sabyasachi with Heavy embroidery

18. Unbeatable Artistic Embroidery 

The Sabyasachi lehenga showcases the floral and artistic prints, which looks phenomenal. Also, diamond-studded borders add to the charm of the lehenga. 


White and Pink Artistic Embroidery bridal Lehenga by Sabyasachi


19. Dark-maroon Sabyasachi Lehenga with Gorgeous Floral Print


Sabyasachi Dark Maroon Floral Print Lehenga for Weddings


20. Real Bride Slaying the Blush Pink Sabyasachi Lehenga 


Bridal Blush Pink Lehenga by Sabyasachi


21. Floral Print Can Make Anything Work 

Off-white Lehenga combined with Red floral print is a great decision, just like this Sabyasachi Lehenga. The floral print is minimal, yet elegant and beautiful. 


Floral Print silk Lehenga by Sabyasachi


22. Gorgeous Off-white Sabyasachi Lehenga 


This design by Sabyasachi is another masterpiece. The Off-white lehenga features gorgeous art print which looks quite intriguing. 


Bridal Off White Lehenga by Sabyasachi


23. White Paired with Pink Florals


This latest Sabyasachi Lehenga design looks terrific because of its mixture of minimal and heavy. The lehenga has beautiful yet minimal embroidery as well a heavy green border that gives it an excellent look.


Best Sabyasachi Lehenga Designs for Weddings


24. Off-white Lehenga with Circular Booti Work


Sabyasachi Off White booti work bridal Lehenga


25. Vine Colour Lehenga with Heavy Embroidery


This Sabyasachi Bridal lehenga looks beautiful in the vine colour. Moreover, the golden embroidery on the lehenga as well as the blouse adds beauty to the attire. 


Latest Bridal Lehenga designs


26. Breathtaking Turquoise Lehenga with Embroidery


This Sabyasachi Design is undoubtedly breathtaking with its features. The lehenga features intricate embroidery in pink and orange colours. Moreover, the embroidery design is unique and artistic.


Sabyasachi Bridal Turquoise Lehenga Design


27. Sabyasachi Light Green Gehenga with Intricate Embroidery

This Sabyasachi Lehenga features a gorgeous, intricate zardozi embroidery on the lehenga as well as the blouse. The pattern looks edgy and done with hands. 

Sabyasachi Light Green Bridal Lehenga


28. Real Bride Posing in a Floral Sabyasachi Lehenga


Beautiful Floral Sabyasachi Lehenga for Bridal wear


29. Simple Royal Blue Sabyasachi Bridal Lehenga

Royal blue is a trendy colour, hence going for this lehenga will make you look different. The blouse seems simple, but the lehenga features a thick and heavy border which gives the attire its perfect look.


famous Sabyasachi Royal Blue bridal Lehenga


30. Combination of Dark-maroon and Florals

Counted as a traditional colour, dark-maroon can still do wonders. This Sabyasachi  Bridal Lehenga design looks impressive because of the booti work on the blouse and the floral embroidery on the lehenga. 

Dark Maroon Floral Lehenga by Sabyasachi for Weddings


31. Sonam Kapoor Slaying The Sabyasachi Lehenga


Sonal Kapoor in Latest Sabyasachi bridal Lehenga


32. Royal Blue with Geometric Patterns

This beautiful Sabyasachi Lehenga features golden embroidery on the lehenga and the blouse as well. Also, the patterns made on the lehenga are geometrical and look quite different.

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33. Dark Maroon Sabyasachi Lehenga with Large Floral Embroidery


Dark Maroon Bridal Lehenga by Sabyasachi


34. Full-sized Floral Embroidery


The lehenga features intricate floral embroidery from top to bottom in the shades of pink and looks very pretty. 


full Sized Embroidery Lehenga by Sabysachi


35. Dark Colours are in Fashion


This is a unique Sabyasachi Lehenga in brown colour paired with an off-white shade. The lehenga features beige embroidery with heavy brown border.


Unique bridal Lehenga Collection by Sabyasachi


36. Emerald Green Lehenga combined with florals


This is a gorgeous piece from Sabyasachi in the emerald green colour. Moreover, the embroidery is intricate and in the pink shade to give the green colour contrast. 


 Emerald Green bridal Lehenga by Sabyasachi


37. Dark Maroon Sabyasachi Lehenga with Huge Floral Embroidery


Dark Maroon Floral sabyasachi Lehenga for Weddings


38. A Real Bride Posing in Multi-coloured Sabyasachi Lehenga


Sabyasachi Multicoloured bridal Lehenga Designs


39. A real bride in Dark Red embroidered lehenga


Just like this happy bride, twirling around in the gorgeous Sabyasachi lehenga, you can go for the same. 


Dark Red bridal Lehenga Design by Sabyasachi


40. Real Bride in Aqua Blue Sabyasachi Lehenga


This bride looks stunning in the aqua blue Sabyasachi Lehenga with golden embroidery. Also, the borders are kept thin and simple in the golden shade. 


Bridal Aqua Blue Sabyasachi Lehenga Designs


41. A Happy Bride is a Beautiful Bride

This bride looks beautiful in the fuschia pink Sabyasachi lehenga. Also, adding a glow to the attire is the golden embroidery done on it. 


Best bridal Sabyasachi Lehenga Designs 2019


42. Real Bride Posing in The Dark-Maroon Sabyasachi Lehenga


Dark Maroon Red bridal Lehenga by Sabyasachi


43. Gentle Colours Bring Out The Glow


Peach is a gentle colour, so this Sabyasachi Lehenga worn by a real bride brings out the innocence. Moreover, the think off-white borders add beauty to the attire. 


Pink Sabyasachi Bridal Lehenga Design


44. Real Bride Swirling in The Hot Pink Sabyasachi Lehenga


Unique Sabyasachi Bridal Hot Pink Lehenga


45.  Gorgeous Off-white Sabyasachi Lehenga with Golden Embroidery


Beige Bridal Lehenga by Sabyasachi


46. Intricate Golden Embroidered Sabyasachi Lehenga


Golden Embroider Lehenga for brides by Sabyasachi


I’m sure the wedding day is one the big days for you! So make a choice quite wisely for your big day!


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