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Published by Ashutosh Gindoria


Blue is a radiant colour, and so is every shade of it, starting from royal blue to baby blue. As they say, your decorum can tell a lot about your personality, hence having a turquoise blue decor will reflect calm and serenity in you. This blue wedding decor will also have a calming effect on your guests, which is excellent as it’ll keep them happy at the same time. Different sorts of elements give the decor a turquoise looks are the blue drapes and blue spotlights. For the love of blue, here we present a beautiful turquoise blue wedding decor. 


 FreakingTurquoise Decor for the surreal wedding ceremony


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A perfect walkway is one that consists of classic elements at perfect spots. Here you can see engraved and backlit white walls on either side. Moreover, the ceiling drooping with white hydrangeas looks artistic. 


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A decorated corner is an excellent choice as it helps in hiding the unwanted empty spaces. The wooden table contains photo frames and red-white roses. Also, the engraved backlit wall are decorated more with white cherry blossoms. You should not miss out white baby breath flower used to provide minute detailing on the floor. 


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The couple’s stage is always beautified and decorated as a priority. Here we have beautiful window frames in the background. On the centre frame, we have a gorgeous floral arch which gives it a unique look. Also, drooping wisterias from above wonderfully complements the decor. 


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The dining area is quite a chirpy place and a happy one too. Your guests will sit and relax here. Hence the environment provided should be of the same mood. White tissue fabric is used to cover the chairs as well as the tables along with turquoise blue cloth ribboning the chairs. Moreover, on the sides, we have decorative stands with green leaves to provide a refreshing aura. 


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The dining tables are never to be left empty. Hence, a decorative centrepiece is the solution. Here a decorative box is used as a centrepiece featuring pink, white and purple blooms. 


So are you planning these beautiful wedding decor ideas? Which one is inspiring you ideas to have your turquoise wedding decor! Let us know in the comment section below.

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