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popular mehndi designs for the brides


Mehendi, derived from Sanskrit word mendhika is a Vedic custom, intended to be a symbolic representation of the outer and inner sun. In India, Mehendi colour also defines how strong the bond of the bride and groom is. Females always look for reasons to apply Mehendi, and what can be a better excuse than a wedding? Every female is fascinated by different styles of mehndi designs, and in the past some years, women have started applying mehndi on their back, feet, shoulder etc. along with hands. Well, when Mehendi is so essential, shouldn’t we be updated about the latest designs and trends! Here you go with different models of Mehendi and find out which suits you best. 


Most Popular Bridal Mehndi Designs of the Year


1. Mandala 

Mandalas are very popular and are very much in trend when it comes to Mehendi designs. Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circles. Circles are intended to symbolise eternity, harmony, perfection, unity and completeness is like the ideal design a bride look forwards for in her wedding so that the start of a new chapter of her life is just perfect. 


mandala mehndi designs for the bride to be


2. Motifs 

Do you ever feel sometimes that Mehendi is just the repetition of similar designs over and over again? Do you contact like you need some advanced and unfamiliar design? Then Motif will be your type of design. Motifs Mehendi designs are the most interesting Mehendi designs, which are more than just repetitive models in different directions. Motifs are anti-boring designs which can excite anyone with their unique patterns and styles. Some models like bridegroom motifs, peacock motifs, lotuses and Ganpati are popular designs and give a beautiful traditional look. 


bridal mehndi designs with beautiful motifs 



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3. Minimal

If you are expecting an effortless yet attractive and innovative design, then this is your choice. The motif is a no-fuss and non-tedious design for all the contemporary brides who like to have an edge along with a modern look. These designs are simple and yet differ from other models because it is not so bold and big. It can be designed on the back of your neck and on your wrist or can even be applied on your fingers like a ring. It is perfect for all those women who would like to go with a subtle, elegant and yet a beautiful look. Also, apart from weddings, these designs can go with your natural look and help you stand out and look distinctive from other people. 


minimal mehndi designs for brides


4. Bangle style Mehendi  

Bangle style Mehendi designs are increasingly becoming popular these days as it’s a new concept where style involves Mehendi designed around your wrist, which gives a beautiful look on your hand. You can make an Arabic Mehendi design or Indian Mehendi design or any other design patterns around your wrist to give it a unique and edgy look. This does not involve a lot of efforts but still looks very trendy and impressive. You can even add some beautiful colourful stones around it. They look flawless and highly suitable for cocktail parties and destination weddings. 


bangle style mehndi design for bride to be


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5. Moroccan Mehendi Design 

Moroccan Mehendi Design, which is more geometric, have come from the middle-east. These designs comprise of small and big types of squares, rectangles and triangles combined. Also, you can play more with these geometric and pentagonal designs by drawing flowery designs around geometric to make it look exciting and bring in some contrast in the design. It’s one of the amazing mehndi designs used lately and can be applied on hands, legs, shoulder, neck, back etc. 


morroccon mehndi designs for bride to be


6. The Lace Glove 

The Lace Glove design is one of the most attractive and unique designs which can be applied on your wrist and back. These designs are very intricate, and it almost gives the illusion of wearing a lace glove. It also uses usual petal-like patterns to create a lacy look glove look. This henna look can be the best choice for modern brides. Mehendi designs like this always capture the attention of people and make the efforts and inputs to make this design highly worthy. The colour of Mehendi can be black or brown, depending on the choice of the bride and the colour pattern can be till, the arm or wrist or just figures. 


the lace glove bridal mehndi designs


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  Image Source: Sarara Mehndi, Eleven Gates, Studio C2K, 


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