The Top 10 Wedding Theme For 2019

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The Top 10 Wedding Theme For 2019

To have a wedding theme is the most in thing right now. Imagine how beautiful it looks when all the elements of your wedding are on a particular topic and are perfectly coordinated. The vibe of a wedding with a theme is different, it looks gorgeous, and on top, it creates some picture-perfect memories for a lifetime. Well, the best wedding themes for 2019 as per WeddingsOnly, the best wedding planners in India are:



Best Wedding Theme For 2019, Rustic Design Wedding Theme

Old buildings, big wooden doors and that earthy feel, all of it is coming back as “first on the list” of the modern era couples. The generation now really loves to explore the unexplored lanes and look for an Indian wedding venue which is indeed barn and rural. The rustic theme demands everything to be very original, understandable and leaves the guests with a very calm and ‘essential to roots’ feel.
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Top 10 Wedding Theme For 2019, Nature Design Wedding Theme

Imbibing nature in the decor of the wedding is the second natural demand made to the top 10 wedding planners in India. Rather than hosting an indoor wedding, couples wish to get married in the natural environment, in the garden, amidst the trees and blossoming flowers. Well, again, it is a lovely theme and creates a very serene vibe at the wedding.
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Wedding Theme For 2019, Travel Design Wedding Theme

When in the times, people love to get tagged with wanderlust, having a travel themed wedding is a brilliant idea. This theme has been picking off lately as per the top 10 wedding planners in India and is going to be there in the coming years. For this, you don’t need much, maybe a calligraphed globe on the table, a passport-style invite, and a compass sticker for guiding the directions, we are sure with all these you’ll have excellent travel experience filled wedding.
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Best Wedding Themes, Fairytale Wedding Theme, Top Wedding Theme

For those thinking this theme to be out, NO, it is still in. With a beautiful wedding gown, you climb down from between the clouds and get married to your prince. Wow, who won’t love this Indian wedding idea? Fairytale weddings require those scrolled invites, minimalist white bunting and just the right amount of gold.
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Best Wedding Theme For 2019, Bohemian Design Wedding Theme

For all the free-spirited bride and groom, the bohemian theme is best for your type of destination wedding on a budget. This theme is effortlessly beautiful with elements of nature, romanticism and individuality. It doesn’t require the matching cutlery or expensive vase, it just calls for creativity with maybe just hanging old bottles from the top. The bohemian wedding is all about being warm, friendly and natural. Indian wedding planners


Industrial chic

Top 10 Wedding Theme For 2019, Industrial Chic Design Theme

If you want to lead the trend, industrial chic is the latest theme to hit the wedding scene. This theme is perfect for the couples who want a vintage look with some modern twist. It is a cool theme with old light bulbs, antique metal chairs and lofty former factories as an Indian wedding venue.
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Ultimate Wedding Themes, Grandeur Theme Design, Best Wedding Theme

If you won’t spend open heartedly at your wedding then when will you? Marriage is one in a lifetime event, and a big fat wedding with all grandeur and glitz is always the talk of the town. So, even if you also want gold in garlands, crystals in your guest’s room and big stars attending your wedding, do contact WeddingsOnly, we have some brilliant Indian wedding ideas to host your wedding lavishly.
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Classic elegance

Top 10 Wedding Theme For 2019, Classic Elegance Design Theme

A classic, elegant wedding has its charm. Opposite of grandeur wedding, it requires minimum frills and maximum simplicity. For couples who love to keep their wedding an intimate affair and save for travel later can always go for a classic, elegant wedding. WeddingsOnly has years of experience and a plethora of such traditional Indian wedding ideas.
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Best Wedding Theme For 2019, Celestial Design Theme

Your love was written in stars and using this belief, we, WeddingsOnly, the best wedding planning company in India can create a stunning starlit wedding night. The invites can be star-infused, the venue can have elements of the galaxy, and the constellation signage can all add to this celestial wedding.
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Romantic hearts

Top 10 Wedding Theme For 2019, Romantic Hearts Design Theme

Marriage is a beautiful step, a symbol of love and a bond forever. So, why not translate all of these at your wedding. We have some romantic Indian wedding ideas for the couple in love. We can place some meaningful quotes, hand-painted pictures of the couple and some lovely gold hearts to live up the constant feeling in your heart.
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May it be a destination wedding on a budget or a lavish affair in your city, we, WeddingsOnly help you from start to end to convert your wedding into a dream wedding. Contact us by clicking this link https://www.weddingsonly.in/


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