37+ Unique and Trendy Varmala Designs of 2020 for Upcoming Wedding Season

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Latest Varmala Designs for Wedding


Jaimala (popularly known as Varmala) is one of the most cherished rituals as it comes with a lot of fun moments and memories. This ceremony signifies the start of a new life with your partner. Varmala ceremony is like the first step in tying the knot with your significant other. Here we are making it easy to select a unique varmala design for your wedding.

For millennial couples, Varmalas are beyond just religious relevance. Worn around the necks, these pretty adornments have moved over marigolds and currency notes to some wonderfully refreshing designs like scented blooms, beads, and foliage.

They have come a long way and are available in latest designs and patterns, from bejewelled varmala designs to the ones made up of fresh blooms or artificial flowers. Scroll down to choose a trendy varmala design for your wedding. 


Popular Varmala Designs for this Wedding Seasons


Ditch the notes or marigolds, and go for blooms & lightweight Varmala Designs

With trends sneaking in every now and then, new trends being introduced in Varmala designs as well. People are choosing to ditch the cliche notes or marigold Varmalas and opt for the versatile blooms instead. Keeping the trends and craze in mind, we have listed some of the gorgeous Varmala designs for you.


Baby Breath Varmala Designs

Baby’s breath is a flower which, when added to any decor or anything, makes it look dreamy and elegant. Also, it tends to give a tender and delicate effect to everything, just like these Varmalas. Browse through the gallery to see how heavenly these designs look with Baby’s breath flowers.


Baby Breath Varmala Designs For WeddingA beautiful combination of baby’s breath flowers and pink roses in Varmala.

Best Varmala Designs

Gorgeous Varmala design with an overdose of baby’s breath flowers.

Baby Breath VarmalaA tempting White with the use of baby’s breath flowers & white roses.

 Wedding Baby Breath Varmala

A minimal Varmala with gorgeous baby’s breath flowers stitched together.


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A Touch of Green – Green Varmala Designs

Highly loved in South India, Green Varmala designs have a separate fanbase. Either these are made from ferns or leaves or some green florals mainly including Kermit mum. Moreover, these green florals are used in different colour combos for giving the Varmalas versatile look, making it look unique. Scroll through these unique green Varmalas and see whether any of them steals your heart.


 Latest Varmala Designs Green Varmala

A breath-taking Green Varmala made from white & peach blooms and green leaves.


Wedding varmala designs

Unique Varmala made from Kermit Mum plants tightly stitched together.


Green Varmala design for wedding

Kermit Mum, Mogras and red hydrangeas stitched together into a beautiful green Varmala.

Varmala Designs For Wedding

A sweet combination of Kermit Mum and pink carnations with a touch of Mogras.


Green varmala designs

A heavy Varmala with an overdose of foliage.

Latest Varmala Designs

An affair of Kermit Mum flowers tightly stitched together in a Varmala.


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Some more ideas for Green Varmalas featuring different colour & bloom combinations


Lightweight Varmala Designs

One thing that the new generation has been chanting is that ‘less is more’, having said that we present you with some lightweight Varmalas for the couple who love to keep it simple. With a little customization and minimal mix & match, these Varmalas still classify to be the most dreamy and mesmerizing ones. Explore more to discover the best lightweight Varmala Designs :


Lightweight Varmala Designs

A fine blend of Mogras & Roses

Varmala Design

An elegant combination of pink carnations and Mogras.

Jaimala design

Lightweight and fancy double-stranded Varmalas with all Mogra flowers.

floral varmala

Varmala design in a soft blend of pink and white roses.

Lightweight Varmala

A designer lightweight Varmala with delicately woven blooms.

Latest Varmala Design

A designer Varmala intricately woven seems to be apt for the Millenials.

Latest Varmala Designs

A classy, lightweight Varmala with an attractive blend of white & pink blooms.

Pink blooms wrapped in the net of finely woven white flowers and A classy lightweight Varmala breathtaking combination of white Mahua flowers and Lotus.


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South Indian Varmala Designs

Even in the Varmala designs, South Indians have their own style and signature. Also, they have their own unique choices and combinations of blooms that they choose. Look through the gallery below, and you’ll know why do they stand unique.


southindian varmala

A beguiling fusion of red & white.

lotus varmala design

An overdose of lotuses in a heavy Varmala.

floral varmala

A beautiful South Indian Varmala featuring pink & peach rose petal.

Lotus varmala designs

Gorgeous Varmala made of lotus and white flowers, giving it a heavy look.

An overdose of Red flowers for the romance.

Wedding Planning and Ideas, Latest Varmala Designs, South Indian Varmala, Best Varmala Designs, Varmala Designs For Wedding, Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Inspiration

Minimalistic South Indian Varmala with closely woven Mogras with red flowers.

Latest Varmala Designs, Best Varmala Designs, South Indian Varmala, Varmala Designs For Wedding, Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Inspiration, Wedding Planning and Ideas

Lotus Varmala for the couple who love heavy Varmala Designs.

new Varmala Design

A captivating Varmala Design with a perfect blend of white, yellow & red.

varmala design

A heavy Varmala design made by combining red roses & white carnations.


Some more Varmala designs in South Indian Style with an extra usage of Lotus Flowers and combinations of red & white blooms :

Aren’t these Varmalas designs worth crushing over? Couples who want something unique and trending will definitely bookmark their favourite varmala designs. All the designs look quite heavenly and merry, but how many of these Varmala designs stole your heart for real?


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