Ashwin Rajpal

About - Ashwin Rajpal

"Ashwin Rajpal, a wedding stylist and a passionate entrepreneur, entered the budding space of interior design and décor a decade ago. Ashwin’s work in the field of wedding décor, home & office interiors, and temples for homes & offices, has been backed by his idealistic and creative personality, coupled with leadership qualities. Adding an edge to his existing flair for design and décor, Ashwin pursued a course at the Institute of Floral Design, affiliated with Instituto Mexicano Tecnico Floral (IMTF, Mexico). Ashwin Rajpal and his team of experts create and style bespoke experiences, conceived out of various inspirations. Each event curated by the team has a sense of originality to it, with impeccable attention paid to details. Every wedding styled by Ashwin Rajpal, unveils a mesmerizing spectacle of sorts, creating an everlasting impression on all the guests. With the experience gathered while catering to a number of high profile weddings and events, and his deep-rooted passion, Ashwin Rajpal and his team constantly innovate with every new event they style!"

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Wedding planning package300000