Beautiful White & Emerald Green Wedding Decor | Wedding Decor Inspiration

Published by Ashutosh Gindoria

Are you designing a wedding decor for yourself, but unsure of the theme?


We’ve got you covered with this amazing white and green wedding decor theme!


Having a combination of white and green for your wedding decor is a great choice. I’m saying that because these colours can easily keep a balance between the traditional and modern touch. White gives a tinge of traditional, while green adds modern beauty to the decor.


If I talk specifically about this theme, a lot of floral work has been used here. Moreover, the vertical and roof gardens provide the decor with the greenery. Without further ado, jump in and check out this beautiful gallery of white and emerald green wedding decor :


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As you’ll move through the hallway, you will see a canopy with ceiling garden which looks beautiful. The pillars of the canopy feature white carnations, tightly arranged to each other. Also, the borders of the canopy are studded with white wisterias. 


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I have always emphasised on random decorated spots in wedding decor, like this one. Here, you can see a beautiful vertical garden along with White Dendrobium Orchids lined on the too. In addition, the side tables kept contains vases with White  Gypsophila and mini white garden roses. Also, adding photo frames on such spots is a great way of customization. 


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This floral corner looks absolutely mesmerizing with all its variety of white flowers. 


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White roses and lilies are wonderfully going with each other. Moreover, the white gypsophila flowers adding a spark to the decor look sparkling. Also, don’t let the glass vases and jars go unnoticed.


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This white and green wedding decor has a stage that looks like a part of a fairytale because of its all-white details. The background features a beautiful floral wall with a white surface as well as some white blooms. In addition, the wedding cake is perfectly going with the theme, i.e. in white colour. The bottom of the cake table decorated with beautiful white garden roses adds great detail. 


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A front view of the stage looks more gorgeous. The sofa set is wonderfully complementing the whole theme. Moreover, the front of the stage decorated beautifully with white mini carnations that are adding great detail to the wedding decor. 


I’m sure going through this gallery would have definitely given you the feels of the fairyland. So don’t wait up and inspire yourself to design your own decor!


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