Beautiful White Wedding Decor with Roses | Wedding Decor Inspiration

Published by Ashutosh Gindoria

Are you considering to have your wedding decor in the calming white theme?


Choosing to have a soothing white wedding decor theme is the best decision! None of the colours is more calming than WHITE!


I’m sure you are a person who is in love with the simplicity; hence, the theme you’ve chosen symbolises that. The decor shouldn’t always be very bombarding. The sober and soothing decor has its charm, just like this one. Along with all these factors, white tends to make areas look spacious, so that will be a great impression on your guests as well. 


Another peculiar feature of this white wedding decor is the floral decoration everywhere with the help of all the colours of garden roses! Moreover, we all are aware of the romantic environment roses create. It’s priceless!


Check out this beautiful gallery of white wedding decor with a touch of roses :


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A floral arch at the entrance is a must. The arch here is tightly wrapped with white cherry blossoms giving a beautiful touch to the white wedding decor. Moreover, accompanying these florals, you see other fresh blooms giving the decorative effect to the decor.


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Another beautiful spot filled with florals is this canopy. The square canopy features white blooms and tassel details from the roof. Also, the pillars of the canopy look beautiful with the tightly wrapped fresh white flowers, give the perfect complementary touch to the decor. 


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The elevated aisle features beautiful white vases along with cubical stands. The vases are filled with blush pink and blood-red roses to give a different look. Also, don’t miss out on the furry carpet laid on the aisle. 


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The most crucial spot for all the photoholics out there! The selfie corner or photo spot is essential for keeping the guests engaged, just like this one. Also, you can sit in the champagne royal chair and get yourself clicked with the beautiful fresh blooms in the background. 


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It is quite evident that red and dark maroon is perfectly complementing the white decor. Hence, the use of Red garden roses and red tulips looks excellent on this side table decoration. Besides, the white pillar candles create a complementary look, unlike the contrasting look by the florals. 


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Another gorgeous photo spot which will steal your heart. While the white floral wall goes well with the white wedding decor theme, the blush pink and blood-red roses come out well with the white background. Moreover, the thick floral lining on the top of the wall looks breath-taking. 


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Using props can be another great skill. Like this one, the decorated prop is great for the guests to get clicked. Moreover, the fragrance of roses will create a fantastic aura. 


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The stage area, apparently the most essential area of the wedding, has to be undoubtedly pretty. The sparkling white palace frame used in the background of the stage tend to catch all your attention. However, beautiful floral stuffed together on the edges of the stage are certainly worth drooling. 



I loved this white wedding decor. I’m sure you did too! So, don’t hold up and save the ideas you loved!


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